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Skilled Administrative Support Professional with bags of Experience!

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I have over 6 years of PA experience and am used to managing multiple calendars across all timezones, scheduling large meetings and juggling lots of different work loads all at once. I love a new challenge & welcome anything being thrown my way. 

I worked as a Personal Assistant to the Management Team & Board of Directors for a number of years at a London Design Agency, starting there as an Admin Assistant and working my way up the ranks, before leaving to embark on my new adventure as fully fledged VA!


All my clients are totally different from one another and require different things from me, which is SUCH a lovely part of my role as a Virtual Assistant, as I adapt and work around what my clients need.

So, there are lots of benefits of employing a VA - versatility, adaptability and a helping hand. 

Originally from Devon, I now live in lovely, sunny Walthamstow (or The Stow as it's known locally - and hence Stow VA!) in North East London with my husband, two beautiful (but energetic) sons and our pesky cat.

Super Efficient

"It’s a pleasure working with Rose. She is an excellent VA - super efficient, friendly, thoughtful and always on it. I would highly recommend her!"

Claudia, Executive Coach

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Let’s Start Working Together!

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